1. Creating your account

In order to create your account:

  1. Access to the welcome page;
  2. Click on Sign In;
  3. In the login page, click on Create Account;
  4. Fill in the fields in the registration form and click on Save;
  5. Check your e-mail address and receive your password.
Creating your account

2. Sign in

If you are a registered user into the platform, you can perform the login in the following way:

  1. Access to the Welcome Page;
  2. Click on Sign In;
  3. Insert your mail and your password in the login page;
  4. Click on Sign in.
Sign in

If you forgot your password, the most simple way to recover your account is the following :

  1. Click on Forgot password;
  2. Insert your email address and the required text verification;
  3. Receive a new password in your email address.
Sign in

3. Participating to a challenge

A challenge is an open call launched by the Municipality to respond to one or more needs. When the challenge is open, you can participate to it by proposing an idea to solve the reported problem

To do this:

  1. Go in the Challenges catalogue;
  2. Choose a challenge from the catalogue. If the chosen challenge is open (not expired), you can propose an idea to be associated to it;
  3. Click on the chosen challenge;
  4. Clicking on Evaluation you can read the evaluation criteria;
  5. Click on Suggest an idea;
  6. The idea creation wizard will appear.
Participating to a challenge

4. Proposing an idea

You can suggest an idea as possible solution for a challenge (not expired).

To do this:

  1. Click on Create in the ideas section;
  2. Choose a challenge among all the open challenges ;
  3. Click on Start;
  4. Describe your idea;
  5. Insert a title for your idea;
  6. Choose a category for your idea;
  7. Insert keywords;
  8. Publish your idea (or you can cancel the idea or review its content).
Proposing an idea

Your idea is published, it is in the elaboration phase and you are the author of the idea. In order to make you idea more visible, you should add a representative image to your idea.

Furthermore, you should add one or more collaborators to your idea, that are other platform users that can help you in the (possible) improvement of your idea.

To do this:

  1. View the detail page of your idea;
  2. Click on Manage;
  3. Click on Modify your idea;
  4. Click on Change the image to add a representative image for your idea;
  5. Click on one or more users in Collaborators section to add one or more collaborators for your idea.
Proposing an idea

5. Leaving a comment

You can also comment an idea or a challenge

To do this:

  1. Go the the Comments section in the idea details page;
  2. Click on Add Comment;
  3. Write your comment;
  4. Click on Reply to publish your comment.
Leaving a comment

Your comment is now available in the idea/challenge details page.

6. View the results

When the challenge expires, then the evaluation starts. When the evalution ends, the involved users will receive a notification by email.

In order to view the evaluation results:

  1. Go to challenge details page;
  2. Click on Results;
  3. Click to a single row to view the evaluation.
View the results